Sunday, October 25, 2015

Who is Claude Flanders?

This is a screenshot of a page from the 1915 Kansas Census for Comanche Township, Barton County, Kansas. The residents listed live on farms.
My hometown is Great Bend, Barton, Kansas, shows at the top left of this map taken from the Kansas Memory page. You can see Comanche Township southeast of Great Bend. 
This map shows the names of Sarah J. Flanders and Louis C. Flanders at Number 30. Sarah Jane and Louis (Lewis) are my Great-Grandparents. 

I'm grateful for the listing that I found at the top of this post, from the 1915 Kansas Census. Since I know the families are listed in order, I know that they all lived in that area of Number 30 on the map. 

I made a few notes on the census image, showing that neighbors Frank Batchman married Flake Flanders (married on Oct 8, 1923). By the way, Flake was born 110 years ago tomorrow, on Oct 26, 1905! We know it snowed that day because Flake was so named because the day of her birth was the day the first snowflake fell that Fall. 

As I studied this census page, I was surprised to see the name of Claude Flanders listed in the household of Louis and Sarah Jane Flanders. He's 18 years old, meaning he was born in 1897. I have no idea who Claude is. He's never been listed as a son of Louis and Sarah Jane, nor is he listed in my database as another Flanders family member. Claude is not a name that appears in our Flanders ancestry. Maybe some day someone will read this and have an answer to that mystery. 

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Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

Don't those things drive you nuts? They do me and some of those mysteries in my tree have been simmering for years and I still don't have the answers!