Monday, November 9, 2015

Early Photos from my Stepmother's Album

When I wrote my recent post about my stepmother, Phyllis Jean Jones, there was a lot of interest from members of her extended family. So I decided to take a break from writing about my own life and share many of the photos I inherited from my mom. These were found in her personal photo album, which I have in my possession. These are all Phyllis except where identified otherwise. 

Maxine Jones at Jones Laundry

Maxine Jones

Phyllis Jones at left, Maxine Jones at right
Henry James "Jim" Jones and Laura C. (Maupin) Jones
Laura and Jim Jones at left
H. J. "Jim" Jones
Henry James "Jim" Jones
Left to right: Jim Jones, Alvina (Koleber) Buehler [cousin
of Ernie Margheim], Helen Jones,
Jim Dyer, Dottie, Phyllis, Ham, Iva and Marge Jones
Brothers Ham and Jim Jones (originally
named Ephraim and James Robert Smith)
Helen (Marker) and Jim Jones
Helen and Phyllis Jones
Helen Wilma Marker, age 16
Helen Wilma Marker Jones (1904-1949)
Left to right: Frank, Phyllis, and Jim Jones,
Jim Dyer, Helen and Maxine Jones
Back row left to right: Helen and Jim Jones, Mary Smith-mother
of Jim Jones, Ham and Iva Jones and Unknown
Front row left to right: Frank, Maxine, Phyllis, Marge,
 Dottie Jones, and unknown
Phyllis Jones at far left. Markers in photo,
but not identified
Phyllis, Maxine and Frank Jones
Adults left to right: Maxine, Frank, Phyllis, Jim and
Helen Jones. Others unidentified
Phyllis, Maxine and Frank Jones
Jim, Helen, Phyllis, Maxine and Frank Jones
Phyllis Jones at far right. Maxine and Frank Jones,
second from left
L to r: Phyllis Jones. Frank Jones standing in front.
Maxine Jones second from right
Jim and Helen Jones 3rd and 4th from right.
Phyllis, Maxine and Frank in front
And lastly, one of my favorites, Phyllis Jean Jones
with a pet

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