Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ernie Margheim: Observations on the Excitement of Learning

Ernie at his computer in 2009 while
recovering from a surgery.
Excerpts from an email Dad wrote to me in January 2008, at age 86. 

This computer of today opens a whole new realm of interests. I enjoy exploring about the Antarctica, since in recent years they have opened new scientific laboratories there that will revolutionize weather forecasting, they say. The waters at the South Pole have chemicals that contribute to the weather all over the world. It is incomprehensible what science is opening up today. Now they even have laser guided military missiles. Things you would never dream of being possible. I get so invigorated with all these new things. Like I was living in an advanced world. 

We are living in an age of an explosion of knowledge. Who would have ever thought they could get DNA from a cigarette butt? It is mind boggling. If I were younger I would pursue learning Spanish or even refresh my knowledge of French, since I took both French and Spanish in high school. French is within a category that includes Italian. You know they have classifications of language, like the Romance Languages and I forget the others. Sort of like music, with Baroque period, etc. The language I should also have taken was Latin. I used to think that was just for the Catholic kids, but now I find that it is the root of MANY languages.

They did not have counselors in schools in those days like they do now. I have a great interest in Physics. It is also branching out from the basic Euclid geometry. I wish I had more time to spend with Dave (step-grandson-in-law) and learn of the new applications of Physics. Learning is almost like the Holy Ghost working through the Gospel. It opens up things you never could have imagined.

That's another thing I find about vocabulary. Vocabulary makes language COLORFUL. Words can be so much more descriptive and precise. It is a shame more people do not extend their use of words in their daily usage. Newspapers are beginning to use more of a variety. I make a list of words from the newspaper and use my dictionary.

Learning can be so exciting. Makes a person want to go back to school.

Well, I catch myself going off on tangents again, and babbling into infinity. Talk to you later. 

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