Sunday, February 21, 2016

My One Minute in the Spotlight with The Lower Lights

On February 6, 2016 the very popular family history conference RootsTech concluded in Salt Lake City. It was attended by about 26,000 genealogy enthusiasts in the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City. The hosts of the conference incorporate good entertainment during the 4 days of classes and presentations. The final event at this year's conference was a musical concert presented by the group "The Lower Lights".

My husband Larry Jamison and I really enjoyed their concert, "A Hymn Revival", as did the several thousand people in attendance, judging from the applause and enthusiasm. Larry left his seat near the end of the concert to purchase some CDs of their music and to return to our motel room for rest after a long and physically demanding day. The group ended their concert with a beautiful rendition of "God Be With You Til We Meet Again". But a standing ovation brought them back to the stage for an encore of "This Little Light of Mine". 

As you view the brief video at the top of this post, you can see how I was surprised to become involved in the singing of that final song. It brought back memories of the days when I was 6 or 7 years old attending the Christian Church in Stafford, Kansas, while visiting my mother and grandparents, as I learned to sing "This Little Light of Mine" in Sunday School. 

Thank you to my dear friend Renee Zamora for thinking to make a video of the selection and thank you, The Lower Lights, for putting a big smile on my face at the conclusion of a very successful and enjoyable family history gathering with my friends and family members. 


my Heritage Happens said...

That is so awesome! You are a natural! It is wonderful that you have a recording of it! Good thinking by Renee Zamora!

Becky Jamison said...

Thank you, Cheryl! I surprised myself at not being shy and it was a lot of fun! I'm really grateful to Renee for getting it on video.

Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

How fun ! I am glad she caught this for everyone and I agree---you are a natural!

Jana Last said...

I saw that he came over to sing with you that night at RootsTech from where my husband and I were sitting! So fun!

Jana Last said...


I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

Have a great weekend!

Becky Jamison said...

Thank you, Jana. That concert, as all of RootsTech, was a lot of fun. Can't wait for next year.