Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Discovered the Younger Gang were my Cousins

As I was recently doing some clean-up work on my genealogy database, I
Bersheba Fristoe Younger,
my 3rd cousin, 4 times
reviewed a list of descendants of my 7th great grandparents, Richard and Mary (Williams) Fristoe. I noticed the name "Younger". Richard and Mary Fristoe's great-great granddaughter Bersheba Leighton Fristoe married Henry Washington Younger. 

Bersheba and Henry Washington Younger's sons Thomas 'Cole', James Hardin, John Harrison, and Robert Ewing were the Younger Gang, who were associated with the famed James Gang. Their story is told on Wikipedia here.

This chart shows my relationship.

On the chart, you can see that "Cole" Younger was married to Myra Shirley, also known as "Belle Starr". Her story is written on Wikipedia here

I just never know who I'll find in my family tree as I dig into the descendant lists of my ancestors. 

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