Friday, March 11, 2016

My Husband's Family Connection to My Family, with cousins in between

The chart at the right looks like a maze to everyone but me. As I'm researching my family names, I often notice a name that actually "belongs" to someone else's family line. In this case it connected from MY family to My Husband's family. When I see that, I'm curious to follow the connection and see it laid out visually so I can understand it. This was the case last night as I looked at Strait descendants. 

Emma Cornelia Strait
You can see my name at the bottom right, as the great-granddaughter of Emma Strait, wife of Joseph Becker. In reviewing the descendant list of my 7th great grandfather, I saw that my 8th cousin, Elaine Litchfield, had married a man named Darwin Oler. The Oler name was familiar to me from research I'd done many years ago on a family connected to my husband. 

You can see those connections by looking at Larry's name at the bottom left of the chart. Larry's great, great grandfather John Haught was first married to Pleasant Horner, Larry's 2nd great grandmother. And John's second wife was Catherine Campbell. At the time of our initial research, I learned really interesting stories about Catherine's sister Mary Campbell, wife of Absalom Critchfield. In fact, I wrote up a small booklet detailing the stories of the interesting ties to the early day Mormons.
The chart shows that Mary and Absalom's great-granddaughter Myrle Jensen married Farrell Oler. Farrell's father was George Oler, who also had a son Roy Oler, whose son Leroy was married to Ruby Savage. Ruby's grandfather was Levi Savage, the well-known leader in the Willy Handcart Company of LDS History

Levi Savage, Jr. 
So we see that George Oler had a son Farrell who connects to Larry's Critchfield ancestors. He had a son Roy whose grandson married the granddaughter of Levi Savage, and he had a grandson Darwin who married MY 8th cousin through my Strait ancestor line. 

Call me weird, but I find that quite interesting.

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