Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rachel Jamison led me to cousins connected to cousins and more cousins

Today I read the news that Irish records are available free on the Find My Past site. I did a quick search for my third great grandparents Andrew Wilson and Ann Jane Fall, who were each born in Ireland in the late 1700s. While I haven't yet found any further information about Andrew and Ann, I did make an interesting discovery as a result of my search. 

I started looking at the descendants of Andrew and Ann Wilson and noticed that their great-grandson James Flack was married to a woman named Rachel Jamison. That caught my attention because I have a step-daughter named Rachael Jamison. I immediately did a bit more research on that Rachel Jamison to see if she might be a relative of my step-daughter. It appears that she's a descendant of a different Jamison line, although they also resided in the region in Pennsylvania of my husband's ancestors.  

I drew up the chart at the top of this story. It shows that Rachel Jamison was the first cousin five times removed of Barbara Ann Smith, the wife of Jim Roblyer. The chart shows that Jim's sister is Bonnie Roblyer, the wife of my uncle Albert Flanders. Looking at it from the perspective of my cousin Nancy Flanders Orrick, her cousin James Flack was married to her Aunt Barbara's cousin, Rachel Jamison. 

This isn't necessarily significant to many people, but I sure find it fun and interesting when I make these discoveries and notice the NAMES as I investigate ancestors and descendants. 

Just please don't tell me "It's a small world". 

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