Saturday, May 7, 2016

My husband's idea for a useful Trello board

My husband and I got into a really delightful conversation last night after he viewed the video on YouTube that shared my interview by Russ Worthington. Larry is a creative person who thinks outside the box. He thought of using Trello to set up a Board that could organize plans and necessary information for survivors when a death occurs or is imminent in a family. 

I created the simple template pictured above from his idea. For our personal board, I'm confident Larry will come up with a very unique title. But until then I simply call it the "Toward the Finish Line" board. The nice thing about Trello is the flexibility and ease of use! I made lists which can be moved into any order. The cards on each list can also very easily be moved, simply by dragging and dropping to where you want them. Appropriate photos can be added to the face of each card again with a simple drag and drop.

The first LIST at left on this board above is called "Vital Records". You can make a card for each document that will be needed for reference as a death approaches or occurs. I made cards for things like your will, insurance policies, monthly expenses and monthly income sources, etc. These cards can hold information for the things an Executor or responsible individual will need when settling your Estate. 

I made a LIST for Funeral and Burial information and plans. You can enter contact information for the Mortuary, Funeral Director, any pre-paid plans, and burial information you desire, so your descendants can easily handle these final plans. 

I think it's good to have a LIST that holds up-to-date contact information on your family members for ease in notifying them at this stressful time. You could make a CARD on that list with the information for each person/family or simply add the information to the back side of the card which opens when you click the card.

I made a card for Legal Information. This could be contact information for any attorney or legal counsel your family might need to contact.    

Now here come the "Peacemaker" LISTS. In our family we have 7 children, but I only created 2 lists (identical in this template) for the purpose of listing the possible things each child would like to inherit. And it's so easy to add a photo of each item. If this is determined while everyone's healthy and happy, it can save much grief when emotions run high at the time of the passing of a family member. Larry and I are going to make a list for each of our children, decide on and clarify the items they will inherit and post those things on cards on their personal list. The nice thing is that each card can be moved to someone else's list, if all agree. 

I've made this template board PUBLIC. Here's the link to access it. It's just a start and simply my idea. If you want to take a closer look and consider using it for your personal use, get your account at and get busy. If you have comments or questions, my email is available here on the front of my blog. Let me hear from ya!


Pflughoeft said...

Nice job Becky and Larry.....great layout and you've covered a lot. I've got on my "to do" list to investigate Trello and to find your interview...looks like my kind of organizing tool for sure. Regarding this "Towards The Finish Line" (which by the way is a PERFECT title) daughter and I set up a multiple-file folder that includes most everything that you've initially set up...which makes me feel and Larry have "validated" our thinking process! We have a couple of extra category/cards that you might want to consider: 1) Internet/website ID's and Passwords; 2) Dues/Subscriptions (whether autopaid, on-line paid, or invoiced paid) their ID's and passwords and security questions if needed; and 3) have a section that includes extra copies of birth, baptismal, marriage, divorce, etc. certificates that I found I constantly needed after my parents death. Guess, the list of categories/cards could go on and on...but I love what you and Larry came up with and anxiously awaiting getting started on Trello...I think my daughter Lisa will love this!!! Thanks, as always...I learn so much from you!!!

Les said...

I did open an account and could use a board like this. As far as accounts I've used OneNote to list passwords, numbers and what is payed with autopay or online monthly on line. Resides on my computer only with printed copies for the daughters. I'm traveling between Florida and New England right now so not able to get started on any boards yet.

Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

The more I play with Trello, the more uses I think of for it. Mine are not as pretty as yours and I still have some things to learn with it, but with your encouragement I have jumped in there and started using it.

Louis Tominack said...

Becky - please share this board with me. My family is fast approaching the 'finish line' with my parents and having things pre-organized will be a great help. Thanks!

Becky Jamison said...

Louis, please send your email address to me at and I'll send you the link to that Trello board. Thanks!