Monday, November 21, 2016

Amos J. Cummings Re-appears from my Personal Library

In July, 2012, I wrote two posts about books from my library that had at one time belonged to Amos J. Cummings. I invite you to check them out here: "The Story behind One of my Books" and "What Else I Discovered About Amos J. Cummings".

Three weeks ago we moved from our residence of 20 years to another home, so I've spent many hours the last 3 weeks unpacking several hundred boxes of our possessions. I'm down to the final 5 boxes. While filling the last remaining spaces on our bookshelves, I grabbed a dusty book to wipe it clean and opened it to discover it was another book that had belonged to Amos J. Cummings in 1900. 
This book is "D'Aubignes Reformation in Germany and Switzerland", four volumes in ONE, published in 1846. I was particularly interested in this book as I grew up as a member of the Lutheran Church which became established as a result of the Reformation. 
I will again post the chart that shows my ancestral connection to Amos J. Cummings. 
This chart shows that my 7th great grandmother, Mary Parkhurst, had a sister Abigail, who was married to Nathaniel Cummings, the brother of Amos's 4th great grandfather John Cummings. That means that my 7th great grandaunt was married to Amos's 5th great granduncle. I personally think this is cool! Perhaps I was directed to purchase these books from the private collection of Amos J. Cummings many years ago when Larry and I were shopping at the Book Sale of the Union Printers Home in Colorado Springs. I treasure these books and hope they can stay in our family. 

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