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Selections from my dad’s Army service 1942-1945

Margheim, Ernest, first husband of Ruby FlandersI recently posted a story (here) about receiving two letters my dad wrote to his in-laws while serving in France during World War II, in 1944. In response to that story, my cousin Shanon Martin asked for more details about Dad’s Army service. I’m posting some facts and pictures here in answer to her questions.
Ernest Ludwig Margheim entered the Army in July, 1942. This picture shows him with his younger brother Leonard and parents John and Mollie before he left the train station in Great Bend, KS.
Ernest, Leonard, Molie & John Margheim 1942
On July 9, 1943, while home on leave, Dad married Ruby Flanders in Hoisington, KS.
Ernest and Ruby Flanders Margheim, July, 1943
Here are assorted photos of Dad and Mom spending time together at the home of his parents at 114 E. 6th St. in Hoisington, KS.
Ernest and Ruby Margheim, Wedding Day, 9 July 1943Ruby and Ernest MargheimErnest & Ruby Flanders Margheim (2)Ruby and Ernest Margheim
This document is a timeline of Dad’s service.
Army timeline photo
Here are assorted photos of my father during his service in Europe.
Ernest L. Margheim in Luxembourg, 1944Ernest Margheim in Instrument Truck where he repaired binoculars and telescopes.3 May 1945 Landshut, Germany, on the Isar.Ernest L. Margheim in Reserves at Sheboygan, WI. Had eaten dinner with a Lutheran family.Ernest L. Margheim in active Army Sept. 1942. Camp Forrest, Tullahoma, Tennessee. 3rd Platoon Barrack. Taken after sundown facing west.Ernest Margheim
I have quite a collection of photos of the landscape in Europe during that time. Here are a few selected pictures.
SCAN0099SCAN1315SCAN1318SCAN1322-001SCAN132425 Jan 1945 Mecher-Dunkrodt, Luxembourg, BelgiumBarnich-Autelbas, Belgium 22 Dec 1944Wurzburg, GermanySalisbury, England Cathedral, May 1944England, close to the southern coast.
Dad served most of his tour as a Instrument Repairman. And of course with it being during World War Ii, he served under Gen George Patton and was a member of the troops at Utah Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

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