Friday, July 28, 2017

My step-kids’ ancestor who really has a story

This week the blog offers a story written by Kelly Kautz titled “The Hochstetler Massacre”. It recounts the story of the author’s 7th great grandfather, an Amish Mennonite named Jacob Hochstetler, and the occasion of his family’s massacre in 1757 by some Delaware Indians. You can read her account at this link.
My husband’s children by his first wife are also the 7th great grandchildren of this Jacob Hochstetler. I prepared this chart below that shows the relationship of my youngest step-daughter Ruth Jamison Brady to Jacob Hochstetler.
Ruthie to Jacob Hochstetler
This is the type of story from our family’s history that can stimulate interest in our own descendants. I hope to spark a bit of interest in Ruth’s daughters by exposing them to their 8th great grandfather’s exciting and memorable story.

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Captain Phasma said...

This is really interesting. Nice find!