Friday, November 3, 2017

Baby Shoes and More Baby Shoes

2017-11-03 12.09.18-2
Today I had occasion to put away some of the family heirlooms I had assembled to use for a display at a presentation I recently gave. While I had my collection of baby shoes out, I thought I’d put them all together and count them. Sixteen pairs of baby shoes that belonged to me and my twin brother, Dennis! Also shown here are other baby items my grandmother, and then my dad kept for me. You can see the pink and blue hair brush/comb sets, rattles, the banks, the silver pieces of drinking cups with our initials engraved, napkin rings, and silverware. I even have our pink and blue hot water bottles.
Here’s a picture of me wearing the white boots:
White boots (2)
I’m so grateful for a Grandma who kept these items and for a father who passed them on to me. To some people, these things are just “stuff”. But they show me the love that was held in the hearts of my family and I’m grateful!
LaVerna with Dennis and Becky Margheim, about 1951114 E. 6th St, Hoisington, KS (10)Ruby, Ernest, Becky & Dennis Margheim about 19492201 Jefferson (18)

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