Monday, April 19, 2021

Discovering another family CONNECTION to my Husband

One of my greatest joys in researching my family's history is discovering Connections. I may not be directly related to certain individuals, but if I can find a family connection, I'm happy!

Since I'm newly married to William Thompson, I've been adding some of his family's ancestry into the Family Tree at FamilySearch. And in adding family names from FamilySearch into my RootsMagic database, I've had the opportunity to discover NAMES and PLACES of his relatives. When I see names that are familiar in MY family, lights go on in my head and I start studying any connections.
I traced a connection that I discovered, so I prepared the chart above. You'll see me (Mary R Margheim Thompson) at the bottom left and you can see the connection of our families over to my husband, William Thompson at the bottom right. In the text below the chart, I explain: "William Thompson's cousin Jessie Lane was married to Robert Schneider. Robert's brother Albert Schneider was married to Olinda Michaelis, whose cousin John Frederick Michaelis was married to my grandaunt Eva Margheim."

I find it significant simply because my husband, who was born and raised in California, has a connection to my family, who were early Kansas residents. Who would have ever guessed this possibility!

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