Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Box of Blog Food

What is a "box of blog food"? It's a box that is found FULL of important historical family papers, photos, books, letters, certificates and other documents! Enough to blog about for a full year! I discovered such a box two days ago and my breath was taken away.

My dad is a "keeper", a "saver", a genealogist's dream! He recently had a new furnace installed in a storage room at his house and in the process of making room for that furnace, boxes had to be moved. I noticed one poor box that was close to caving in as heavier boxes were piled on top of it. I acted on my urge to rescue that box, and I put it in my trunk and hauled it home. That was several weeks ago!

Finally two days ago I brought that box into the house thinking I'd take a quick peek at its contents, tape it up, and move it to my attic for storage. Little did I know what treasures it held.

The first item I saw was a newspaper from my home town of Great Bend, Ks dated July 9, 1942. I knew that my parents were married July 9, 1943, but I didn't know the significance of the 1942 date. As I looked at the newspaper I discovered it commemorated my dad's induction into the Army with a photo and accompanying story.

As I dug deeper into the box I found such things as (1) letters from my brother when he was stationed in Viet Nam, (2) a letter that my dad received while in the Army from HIS grandfather in Kansas---written in German, (3) a little log book my grandfather kept of his farming and household expenses, (4) school papers that belonged to my Dad's younger brother, who passed away at age 9, (5) both my dad and my step-mother's high school year books, (6) lots and lots of photographs--some are family portraits taken in the early 1900s.

So in the weeks to come I'll be posting specific details about the contents of this box full of blog food! I'm so excited about this "find" that I hope to be able to scan, organize, document and archive these things regularly in the months to come. Wish me luck, and check back often.
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