Monday, September 13, 2010

My Husband’s Ancestral Connection to His First Wife

Cochran Kendall Baker
My research tonight uncovered a connection that I’ve displayed on the above pedigree diagrams. In the top pedigree you see Philip Cochran and Susannah Sturgis had a son named Philip Cochran, whose wife was Barbara LaTurner. Their son Frank Cochran had a son Paul who had a daughter Michele Jaynes (born Cochran).
In the pedigree below that, you see that Philip Cochran and Susannah Sturgis also had a son John, who with his wife Orpha Green, had a son Newton J. Cochren. Newton and his wife Lucinda Drake had a daughter Mary Elizabeth Cochren. Mary  and her husband George Pew had a son Dale Pew. Dale was married to Gladys O’Connor. Her pedigree is represented in the third pedigree on the page. Gladys’s mother was Anna Baker, the daughter of George Baker and Annary V. Hayes. George Baker’s parents were George Baker and Annie Kendall, Annie being the daughter of Samuel Kendall and his wife Mary Shuman.
The pedigree at the bottom of the illustration shows Larry Jamison at left, his parents being L. R. Jamison and Irene Roberts. L. R. Jamison’s father Paul Jamison was the husband of Rhea Haught, whose parents were Lafayette Haught and Priscilla Yost. Lafayette Haught’s mother was Catherine Campbell, daughter of Dennis Campbell and Ellenor Kendall. Ellenor was the daughter of Samuel Kendall and Mary Shuman. So Ellenor Kendall, my husband Larry’s 3rd great grandmother was the sister of Annie Kendall, Gladys O’Connor’s great grandmother. This makes Gladys and Larry 3rd cousins, twice removed.
Gladys’s husband Dale Pew is a 3rd cousin of Michele Jaynes, visible in the top pedigree. And Michele Jaynes is my husband Larry Jamison’s first wife.
I’m always, always amazed when I discover connections like this. It sure makes the study of our family histories interesting.
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