Monday, September 29, 2008

Haircut Therapy

Last week my husband played golf with a couple of friends. In itself that's nothing special, but it's the first time he's been able to play in 17 years! That made it special. About once a month or so he's also enjoyed the company of a good friend while they've "gone fishin'". My husband works hard and always does the things I want to do with him, so I'm happy for him when he has the chance to go do fun things with his friends, exclusive of me. However......I was feeling a little "deprived" last week when Jamie went to play golf. When I mentioned to him that I never get to do fun things like that (pout, pout), he asked what it was that I'd do if I had the chance. And wouldn't you know it, I couldn't think of anything! I've been employed outside the home too long!

But today I have my answer. Get a haircut! Oh, how I love to get my hair cut if the stylist gives me a good cut. And I've been very blessed to have recently found an excellent stylist who gives the very best haircut! So today's my fun day! There's nothing like a light-hearted visit with a sweet lady while she's running her fingers through my thick hair, pulling, measuring, weighing, scoping her work. It's therapy for me. To be coddled, attended to and pampered with a good haircut is restorative to me! And today's my day! Here I come "HairSmith". Here I come Mary Sunshine!

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tren said...

I love Mary! I am so thrilled to finally have a hair stylist who is so pleasant and does such an AWESOME job. I can't wait to see your new 'do.