Sunday, September 28, 2008


In 1902 my Grandma Mollie Margheim was born in Kratzke, Russia. In Canon City, Colorado my house was being built. A few blocks away, at 802 Harrison Avenue, Christ Episcopal Church was being built. I'm the Parish Administrator at that church and recently discovered, while doing genealogy research for a descendant of one of the former rectors, the identities of both the architect and the builder of the church building. They happen to also be the architect and builder of my house! The same people were involved in the design and building of my house and the church where I'm employed, all in 1902.

Yesterday as we were visiting my step-son Matt and his fiancee Lisa (see previous post), I learned that they've done research on their own home in Colorado Springs, which was also built in 1902! Coincidence! I was happy to see that someone else in our family got curious about the original owners of their house, to the extent that they researched it at their local library. Lisa and Matt made a trip to Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs to find the graves of those original owners, Peter and Hannah Mortenson. As they stepped into the cemetery, the first headstone they saw was one for a member of that family, a son, Clarence Mortenson. Tonight I spent some time finding that family in the censuses for the early 1900s and have shared that information with Lisa.

So as I sat here this evening thinking of adding a new post to my blog, all I could think of was 1902! I'm amazed at how one year can have such an impact on one individual---106 years later. Next week, October 6, 2008 will mark the 106th anniversary of the birth of my Grandma Mollie Margheim. The birth of my Grandma was the best thing to happen in 1902.


Carol said...

Interesting post! I love watching "If Walls Could Talk" and "History's Mysteries" where they sometimes investigate houses. Houses are nothing more than buildings until you add people. :) (I am a GeneaBlogger too).

tren said...

How about that!

Becky Jamison said...

I just noticed that my Grandmother was born 106 years ago on Oct 6th--also 10/6!

Russ Worthington said...


My grandfather's little sister is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, in Colorado Springs. It is on my Gotta Stop HERE when I come out there later this year.

Thank you,