Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Family of Twins

Happy Birthday to My Aunt and Uncle

October 18th marks the 79th birthday of my Uncle, Leonard Marvin Margheim and his twin sister Laverna Margola. However, Laverna passed away in 1973. Must be a lonely time to celebrate a birthday with a twin sister who's no longer here. Leonard and Laverna had one brother who lived to adulthood and he's my Dad! He and his first wife also gave birth to fraternal twins: me, Mary Rebecca Margheim, and my twin brother Marion Dennis Margheim (in photo below). Do you see any resemblances in the two sets of twins?


Janet Hovorka said...

Tag! You're It!

tren said...

That's so cool. We don't really have twins in my family, so I was pretty surprised to find out that I was carrying twins. I'm pretty sure the one who died :0( was a boy. I do think there is some resemblance between you & your brother and your aunt & uncle. How fun!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of my brother and sister and my son and daughter. Thank you, Becky, for posting this.