Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here I Come, Ready or Not

Janet and Msteri have tagged me as "It", so here I come ready or not. I'm most definitely NOT ready. I've only been a blogger for 3 weeks and am really a "Newbie", but I'm ready to have some fun with my network of genea-bloggers.

10 Years Ago I:
  • was only 50 years old
  • went to my stepfather's funeral
  • helped my husband recover from shoulder surgery
  • went to my son's wedding
  • helped my husband move my Dad to Colorado from our hometown in Kansas
  • (an extra point) hadn't even started on my family history research
5 Things on today's to do list:
  • Drag myself to work and write a newsletter
  • Fix lunch and dinner for my Dad, who's recovering, at age 87, from a badly broken leg and lives alone
  • Mail a birthday card to my sister-in-law
  • Post a new story on my blog to wish my uncle Happy Birthday and write about the twins in my family
  • Copy and mail genealogy info to someone from a Parish Register of the late 1800s.
5 Snacks I enjoy
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Cheddar Cheese by the chunk
  • Hershey bars
  • Ice Cream with lots of Hershey Syrup & walnuts
  • Did I say Chocolate Chip Cookies?
5 Places I've Lived
  • Great Bend, Kansas
  • Salina, Kansas
  • Blue Springs, Missouri
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Canon City, Colorado
5 Jobs I've Had
  • Laundry worker (my Grandpa owned it and my Mom managed it---no choice!)
  • Retail sales
  • Second Grade Teacher
  • Bookkeeper
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Parish Administrator
5 Bloggers I tag to play

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