Saturday, January 31, 2009

School Souvenir from Old Bosna School

Among the treasured items I found in the box I've been writing about (see my last few posts) are little booklets called "School Souvenirs". I hadn't heard of these before last week, so as I discovered the first one that had belonged to my Grandma Mollie (Koleber) Margheim in 1913, I wrote about it. Last night I found another one that had belonged to my dad's younger brother Alfred Margheim. It's precious to us because Alfred died at the age of 9 in 1933.

Pictured at left is the envelope it was enclosed in.
This is the front cover. I like the quotation: "Education molds the mind For broader life in humankind."

The first page in this photo says: "With the compliments of your teacher, this gift is presented to you, believing that it will grow in value as the years glide by." That certainly proved to be true!
Page 2 offers "Character of a Happy Life" , a poem by Sir Henry Wotton, concluded by this quotation from James Whitcomb Riley: "It's the songs ye sing, and the smiles ye wear That's making the sun shine everywhere. "

Page 3 contains the poem "Beautiful Thoughts" by Leone B. Wienkers. The left side of the Centerfold first offers this advice: "Study To Show Thyself Approved". It is followed by this admonition: "Count that day lost, Whose low descending sun, Views from thy hand, No worthy action done".

The school and class information is finally presented in the centerfold. Old Bosna School, District No. 22, Trego County, Kansas, 1929-1930, Emma Merle Sitz, Teacher
PUPILS: Wilbur Charles Dolezal, Alfred George Margheim (My uncle), Ernest Ludwig Margheim (My dad), Forrest Eugene Zeman, Harold David Zeman, Frank Junior Schmitt, Albert Fred Kvasnicka, Dale Edward Dolezal, Clara Marjorie Dietz, Arvilla Ruby Papes, Julius Dietz, Fern Rose Papes, David Dieta, Crystal Lamberta Reeder, Worley Dorman Reeder
SCHOOL BOARD: Henry F. Dietz, Clerk, John W. Reeder, Director, William Papes, Treasurer; Mrs. Carrie Gregg, County Supt.

Page 6 displays the poem "Memories of School and Home", followed on page 7 by four quotations on the topics of Education, Books, Art, and Music.

The final page in the book offers this wonderful little poem by Medeline Bridges. "For life is the mirror of king and slave. 'Tis just what we are and do; Then give to the world the best you have. And the best will come back to you."
The book was printed by Colonial Printing Co, Mansfield, Ohio

After I discovered and reviewed this beautiful little souvenir booklet, I searched online for a picture of OLD BOSNA SCHOOL. Believe it or not, I found one! It's part of a copyrighted collection owned by photographer Mary Heller and is viewable here: I signed her guest book and promptly received a reply from her. As it turns out, she is a family friend of the Reeder family, whom you'll see listed as pupils in this book. We just never know what kind of connections we can make as we explore the histories of things like these little School Souvenir booklets. I think they are precious. It's too bad they aren't part of our school culture today.


Greta Koehl said...

I have to admit I was reading about these school souvenirs with a twinge of envy - I have nothing like this from my parents' schools - when I realized that I do have some things about their schools - pictures in the county book, a picture my cousin took of what's left of the school, and a pasted flower design my mother made when she was little. So instead of being envious, I am now grateful - thank you for the inspiration for a Memory Monday! By the way, the photograph you found online of Old Bosna School is beautiful. I was also struck by how the lists of students reminded me of my mother's old school, with a big dose of German and Slavic names.

Genealogy Blogger said...

A great treasure - the student names will be so helpful to any other descendants of those children.

I am enjoying seeing what new treasure you will uncover!


Nikki-ann said...

What a wonderful find! So many of these things get thrown out or lost in time, but this is a great treasure :)