Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas Card from Old Bosna School teacher

Among the treasures I found in my 'Blog Food Box', the box of papers & keepsakes I recently brought home from my Dad's house, was this Christmas card from his school teacher. Her name was Emma M. Sitz and she taught at the Old Bosna School in Wakeeney, Trego County, Kansas during the years 1927-1931 when my dad attended that one-room school. Included with the Christmas card was her picture (at left). If you look closely at the card, you'll notice her initials are engraved in gold lettering at the top. The verse says: "Christmas comes by a beautiful road, A road full twelve months long. May each sunny mile be lit with a smile, and cheered by a merry song." Emma M. Sitz

I think it's wonderful that students in those days were given such a beautiful card by their teacher. The card itself is printed on stiff, heavy cardboard, and enclosed in a heavy, sturdy envelope lined with decorative foil paper. Remember these were the years of the Great Depression.

Addendum Oct 23, 2012:
Emma Merle Sitz (Mrs. Cecil C.) Reeder


Terri said...

What a cute dress your Dad's teacher had on - did you notice all the layers of lace - I was surprised at how short her dress was! I can't get over how many wonderful things your treasure box has held. Wow - how lucky you are.

Becky Jamison said...

I found Emma Sitz's obituary online today and she just died in 2006 at age 95!

I've only scratched the surface of items in this box. It's wonderful and I do know I'm blessed. It's fun to share with others too!