Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thanks to Wendy, JoLyn, and Colleen for the Kreativ Blogger Award

I was thrilled to read this morning that Wendy Littrell at All My Branches Genealogy awarded me, among many others, the Kreativ Blogger Award. I admit it--it gave me a nice feeling! I've only been blogging 5 months and I spend very little time on the posts I put on Grace and Glory. Not because I'm lazy or nonchalant, but because my life is very hectic right now. I want to be a good blogger. I try to be good at anything I do. But the time contraints hinder that effort. I'm just delighted that people want to read what I post! It amazes me.
Wendy also granted this award to my Dad, Ernie Margheim who authors "Ernie's Journeys". I'm going to post the award to his blog in his absence. But his current hospitalization is going to prevent either of us from spending the necessary time to review the other award winners so we can determine who has yet to be honored with this award. There are so many authors who are deserving. In fact, I think anyone who goes to the work and devotes the time to share their genealogy-related information with us in a blog deserves to be awarded!
The geneablogging community is like nothing I've experienced before! Dad and I are both so proud to be part of it. It's wonderful to share with others who show such caring for their families, their histories, their stories, their colorful lives. My own immediate family members aren't interested in my blog, nor in my ancestors, my photographs, my stories. But others who participate in this wonderful ancestral research understand and care, and they show it!
Wendy started out my day by presenting this award to me, and JoLyn Day ended it by offering it to me also on her terrific blog The Mount Timpanogos Graveyard Rabbit. And I just learned that the wonderful Colleen Johnson at CMJ Office also nominated me. Honestly, I'm overwhelmed! Thank you very much, my dear friends, Wendy, JoLyn, and Colleen! I must add that it's the perfect color for the sidebar of my blog. Has anyone noticed that I like the pink and green color combination? LOL.


Gayle Gresham said...

The award matches your blog perfectly!

Lisa Jamison said...

That's awesome, you're like the queen of blogging :) Do they have an award for that? Talk to you soon!

lindalee said...

Congratulations on your award.

Colleen Johnson, CMJ Office said...

The 'blogger queen' has been nominated by me as well. Love your blog!