Sunday, June 27, 2010

FHExpo, Loveland, CO Post 3


One of the gems I came home with from the Family History Expo in Loveland, Colorado this weekend was the fourth edition of Crash Course in Family History, by Paul Larsen. When the First Edition of this book was published, I read it from cover to cover. But this fourth edition is packed FULL of even more updated and wonderful information.

In the photo above you see Paul and his beautiful wife Peggy standing in their vendor booth at the Expo. It was in a rare moment that I was able to get this picture with no genealogists crowding around their booth. You should have seen the traffic that I held up just while photographing them.

You can read all about the book at their web site here. Its 250 pages are LOADED with full color illustrations. After the extensive introduction in the book, the research guidance is classified into 3 steps: (1) Identify Your Ancestors Using Your Family – 15 packed–full pages, (2) Add New Branches to Your Family Tree Using the Internet – 55 incredible pages of information, links, illustrations and easy to follow guidance, and (3) Connect with the Lives and Stories of Your Ancestors – 337 beautiful pages including a directory of software and tools, the best of the internet, organizing and archiving, leaving an enduring legacy and other rewarding opportunities.

This is an example of one of the beautiful and easy-to-follow pages in the book. You can read more about it and place your order here if you want to purchase it. I love my copy of the book and will certainly take advantage of the excellent advice and links provided in this new edition of Crash Course in Family History by Paul Larsen.


Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Great posts and photos, thanks! Hope to get to the one in KC at the end of July.

Bill ;-)

Cheryl Palmer said...

I've noticed Becky that there were several different vendors at Family History Expo than at Jamboree. This vendor was one of them that wasn't at Jamboree. Thanks for sharing!