Monday, June 28, 2010

FHExpo, Loveland, CO Post 4

Archivalife books
An exciting product that I was introduced to at the Family History Expo in Loveland CO last week was the Classic Edition of books from ArchivaLife. The book pictured in front in the photo above is the Life Lines book. On each double-sized page, a blank timeline is available for one decade of a person’s life. The individual can write in the main events of their life from many categories. There are enough pages to cover 12 decades of your life. I’m not planning to live long enough to fill quite ALL those pages.
The pages expand into one long timeline as evidenced in this picture:
 Archivalife books expand
The other book offered in the set is the photo album or scrapbook.  Photographs can be entered that correspond to the events you’ve recorded in each decade of the Timelines book.
Archivalife books open
These products are offered by ArchivaLife. I encourage you to read all about this beautiful genealogy product at 

If my readers want to purchase one or both of these beautiful books, when you place your order at, enter "shipsfree" in the Promo Code field for free shipping. On the same transaction you may enter "FamFriend" and receive a 10% discount on your order.
Thank you, Bill Burch, for those generous offers!

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