Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Theresa Snow Hill, Author

As I was straightening up some bookcases last week I came upon this small book that I'd purchased several years ago "Stories from the Book of Mormon" by Theresa Snow Hill. I bought it after I had determined that there was a genealogical connection between me and the author. From the information in my RootsMagic database, I was able to prepare this chart showing how I'm "related" to Theresa Snow Hill. 
This chart shows that Johann C. Streit is my 7th great grandfather. The author (Mary) Theresa Snow was married to Reuben Hill, who was the 5th great-grandson of the same Johann C. Streit. Theresa and Reuben had a daughter Cornella, who would be my 7th cousin once removed. The chart also shows that my 3rd cousin 5 times removed, Sarah Strait married Richard Hill and they are the great- grandparents of Theresa Snow's husband Reuben Hill. 

Pictured at left are (front row l to r) George Richard Hill II (1884-1971), George Richard Hill I (1846-1927. Standing left to right: William Richard Hill (1896-1961), John Shelton Hill Sr. (1884-1944) and Reuben Lorenzo Hill Sr. (1888-1953). 

Author Theresa Snow Hill is pictured at top left of this photo. 

This chart shows that Theresa is also my cousin, specifically my 6th cousin 3 generations back. 


Christine said...

Theresa Snow Hill was my grandma. I was just looking for copies of her book to buy for my kids. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Becky Jamison said...

Christine, I'd very much like to communicate with you if you will email me at becky.jamison5@gmail.com. We have a lot in common.