Sunday, July 22, 2012

FindAGrave Volunteering Brings Leads

I volunteer to photograph gravesites for One of the requests that I received last week was for the gravesite of Horace and Rebecca Brady at Lakeside Cemetery here in Canon City, Colorado. They happen to be the great grandparents of our son-in-law Brandon Brady. By following up on the request, I was able to add this headstone photo to my database and also found the name of a relative to contact (the requestor of the photograph). 

The same day that my husband and I went to the cemetery for this photo, I received from FindAGrave a request for a picture of a headstone of Mrs. Frank (Theresa) Blankis. I recognized that name because I was contacted by someone a few months ago with a surname of Blankis. She is related to my son through his birth mother and had formerly been married to Theresa Blankis's grandson! I won't be photographing her headstone since it's in Salida, Colorado at Fairview Cemetery. It's unlikely that we'll travel the hour through the Bighorn Sheep Canyon west to Salida. But the contributor of that memorial is probably related to Theresa Blankis so I have a name of someone to contact for added information for my database! 

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