Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Aunt's Grandfather sat on Lincoln's Knee

Note: I'm too tired tonight to even recall how I traced this information, but I put a short post on Facebook. I like to keep my discoveries documented on my blog, in case future reference is needed. 
This is Asa Ozias Gere, who's the grandfather of my aunt, Bernice Kent Flanders. From "Stafford Kansas - Crossroads of Time - 1885-1985" pages 91-92 bio of Asa O. and Emma Gere

A boy, Asa Ozias Gere, was born in Covington, Indiana, September 7, 1846, the son of Lyman and Lucinda (Marvin) Gere, and in 1854 moved with his parents, brother John Franklin and sister Maryette to Urbana, Illinois. In Urbana, the family operated a boarding house known as the "Gere House" or sometimes known as the "American House". Abraham Lincoln frequently visited the inn and held political sessions there. As a young boy, Asa sat on Lincoln's knee and talked with him on many occasions. Upon Lincoln's advice, at age fourteen, Asa found employment in Urbana as a printer.

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