Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another Cousin Pops Up on Facebook

My second cousin Kate Keller has done more to advance my family history research than any other individual. Her genealogy page on FamilyTreeMaker 15 years ago was the first site I ever found that had information on MY family. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw my grandparents written up on the internet. That was in the year 2000 when I'd only owned a home computer for 2 years and had just started my family history research.

Last year Kate created Family Groups on Facebook for many of her/our ancestral lines. One of those is for Descendants of Philippe Du Trieux (1676-1759) who is my 7th great grandfather. Yesterday I saw that Tammi Truax posted this photo of Sarah Truax, "an American actor whose career began in the mid-1890s and lasted well into the twentieth century."

I'm not very familiar with my Truax ancestors and didn't know there was an "Actor" in the family. So I was curious how I might be related to this Sarah Truax.

At I found this brief bio about Sarah: 
I didn't have Sarah in my RootsMagic database, but by searching at, I was able to fill in some blanks and determine my relationship with Sarah as illustrated in this chart. 
Sarah Addie Truax is my 5th cousin, 5 times removed, or as I like to say, my 5th cousin, 5 generations back. She and my 3rd great grandfather were 5th cousins. Thank you, Kate Keller and Tammi Truax for giving me the opportunity to discover this cousin of fame in the theater from the last century. 

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Tameri T. said...

I love this! You've done a better job tracing back than I have.
I bought Sarah's book, it has more photos in it. Easy find on Amazon.
Best wishes.