Friday, March 13, 2015

New Records tell more about my Dietz Great, Great Grandparents

In this photo at far left is my great grandmother Catharina "Katy" Elisabeth Dietz, standing beside her father George "Daniel" Dietz and her mother Maria Elisabeth Meier. At far right is Katy's brother Ludwig Dietz. The chart below shows their descendancy to me. 

Daniel and Mary (Meier) Dietz

I discovered yesterday that a newly available record at is "United States, Obituaries, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1899-2012".

The records at have told me that Daniel and Mary Dietz arrived from the port of Liverpool to New York on June 24, 1904. They were passengers on the ship Lucania and their nationality was listed as "Russia, German", with last place of residence: "Russia". Indeed they qualified to be on this new list of obituaries at
This is the listing I found when I searched for my great, great grandfather. And this is the obituary I found with my search.
My great, great grandmother's obituary was also available. It has 2 pages but I've only found access to the first page.
I'm so grateful to the AHSGR for supplying these obituaries to FamilySearch. I had no prior knowledge of my great, great grandparents' lives.

Last week I developed and posted a timeline of my grandmother's life, showing that she gave birth to twins on 18 Oct 1929 and exactly one month later her mother, Katy (Dietz) Koleber, who's pictured in the top photo, passed away. This obituary reminds me that on 5 Sept 1929 her grandmother Mary (Meier) Dietz had passed away. 

So to review, 5 Sept 1929 Mollie Koleber Margheim loses her grandmother, 18 Oct 1929 Mollie gives birth to her 3rd and 4th children, twins Leonard and LaVerna Margheim, and a month later, 18 Nov 1929 she loses her mother. And my Grandma Mollie was only 27 years old. 
John and Mollie (Koleber) Margheim, twins Leonard and LaVerna,
Ernest (front left) and Alfred (front right). 1930 
Three years after the photo above was taken, little Alfred suddenly passed away at the age of 9. I'm grateful for the records that are available that tell us more of the lives of our ancestors. And I'm very blessed to have these photos of my grandparents, great grandparents and even my GREAT, GREAT grandparents!


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