Saturday, March 14, 2015

Taking another look at my Margheim Great Grandparents

Mary Katherine Winter 1859-1921
George Jacob Margheim (1856-1912)

My paternal great grandparents are Mary Katherine (Winter) and George Jacob "Jake" Margheim. Each was born in Saratov, Russia and immigrated to America in December, 1886. They settled in Russell County, Kansas and farmed to support their growing family.

This is the family unit that I have in my RootsMagic database.
My grandfather is the youngest, John Ludwig Margheim 1900-1978. He's pictured in the middle of the front row in this family portrait. 
The last few days I've been attaching records to the family on the Family Tree at That's made me take another look at entries for the family in Censuses. And I noticed information I'd overlooked 15 years ago when I started my research. 

In this 1900 Census from Fairfield Twp, Russell, Kansas it shows at the top right that Katie had 10 children, 9 of whom were living at that time. I just learned last year through Find-A-Grave that a son Heinrich was born 6 Aug 1891 and died 8 Jun 1892. So that would have been their 10th child, in addition to those listed above. 
This is the entry in the 1905 Census from Union Twp, Barton, Kansas where they farmed. Eva was married and Henry had died, so there are 8 children listed. I included the family of Peter "Oaks", should be Ochs, because it shows their two year old daughter Lydia, who on 9 Nov 1919 married the 9 year old neighbor George Margheim, as shown in this census. 
Now looking at this 1910 census from Union twp, Barton, Kansas we see that Jacob's wife is listed by her first name of Mary, instead of her middle name Katherine, as previously listed. I noticed a Samuel listed as a 17 year old. I don't believe there was a son named Samuel and he's the same age that Alexander should be. I'm wondering if the Census Enumerator heard the name wrong and wrote down what he thought he heard. I also noticed, for the first time today, that Mary Katherine indicates that she's had 12 children, with 9 living. I first thought she's had two more children who have not survived between 1900 and 1910. But since she was born in 1859 that's not likely. Maybe in the 1910 census I'm reading 10 children born and it actually says 12 children born. That looks like a "0" to me, instead of a "2".  

Jacob died 15 Oct 1912. It was 5 March 1921 when Mary Katherine died, from complications following a hysterectomy. I will need to pursue my research on those possible other two children. The research is never wrapped up nice and neat. I thought I knew my Grandpa John Margheim's family, but realize more and more that we never really know all we need to about our grandparents. I'll be looking for Church records, after I find out which church!

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