Friday, August 28, 2015

Closing in on my Great Grandparents

Ruby Flanders, pictured above as a 17 year old, is my mother. As you can see she's the daughter of Milo and Nannie (Becker) Flanders and has three brothers, Cleo, Albert and Mervin, and two sisters, Ethel and Pearl.

My Aunt Pearl had a daughter who passed away last year at the age of 66. She was unmarried, so this year her niece has spent considerable time cleaning out her house in preparation of selling it and settling her Estate. As my cousin came upon family photos, she consulted with another cousin, the daughter of my Uncle Albert, who suggested that I might be available and willing to scan those family photos. I jumped at the chance to view, preserve, and archive these precious family heirlooms.  

Last weekend I received this 21 lb box full of photos to scan.
I'll be writing several posts about the photos I've found but today I want to write about one that features perhaps an "ancestor" who reaches the farthest back in time.
On this chart above I'm "Mary Rebecca Margheim", shown at bottom right. My great grandparents are Lewis Clarence Flanders and Sarah Jane McMillan. I have a photo of each of my great grandparents, EXCEPT Lewis and Sarah Jane Flanders. I'm hopeful that someday I'll discover that picture. 

Today as I was scanning, editing, and captioning pictures I found this one of "Villa, Mildred and Aunt Rena Flanders".
It's particularly wonderful because a short letter was written on the back, to my grandmother Nannie Flanders.
It reads: "My dear Nannie, Only had the one picture of the girls taken that day, so will send you one of the girls and myself. Wanted True to have his taken with us but he wouldn't. Received your welcome letter and will answer in a few days. It is cool and fine here now. Nearly time for the mail man so will send this and write later. Lovingly yours, Rena. Love to all."

I could not recall a Rena in my Flanders relatives, so I went to my RootsMagic database to find a Flanders family with members Villa, Mildred and Rena. I literally jumped in my chair when I saw this family unit:
There they are. Lorena "Rena" Colby Flanders, wife of Truman "True", and mother of Villa and Mildred. As you can see in the pedigree chart above, Truman was a brother of my great-grandfather Lewis C. Flanders.

While I still don't have a picture of Lewis or Sarah Jane Flanders, I'm getting closer with this postcard picture of Lewis's sister-in-law "Rena". 

I'm so happy to have this photo of Rena, Villa and Mildred Flanders. It's too bad "True" wouldn't get his picture taken at the same time, but I'm blessed with what I do have. And I feel like I'm successfully closing in on the possibility of eventually securing a picture of my great-grandparents, Lewis and Sarah Jane! As we cousins work together, we may all be blessed with this discovery.

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