Saturday, August 15, 2015

Finding photos of Roberts Cousins on Facebook

Through the Greene Connections (Pennsylvania) group on Facebook and the efforts of Candice Buchanan there, I've become acquainted with Lloyd Roupe, who has roots in the hometown area of my husband's grandparents. Recently this picture was posted of the students at Morris Grade School, Gilmore Township, Greene, Pennsylvania.
Lloyd identified the students as follows:
I noticed that several of the students in the class were children of Blaine Roberts and his wife Sarah (Cole) Roberts. This chart shows my husband's relationship to Blaine Roberts.
Larry's grandfather Sherman Russell Roberts was a first cousin to Blaine Roberts. So the children of Blaine and Sarah are second cousins, once removed of my husband. This group sheet shows the children of Blaine and Sarah, but I don't know the birth dates of all of them.
I labeled the children in the class photo so I could identify which of them were cousins of my husband. 
There's no way I'd have a photo of Larry's cousins like this without Facebook and the cooperation of the wonderful people who give of their time and efforts to share family histories!


Miss Merry said...

What an amazing photo! So lucky to have all the students & teacher identified.

Kenneth Roberts said...

Thanks for posting this photo and all the research you've compiled. "Pap" & "Dossie" (Blaine & Sarah) are my great-grandparents and it's great to see photos of several of my great-uncles/aunts that I believe predates any other one I've seen of them by at least 10 years I'd guess. (Childhood photos of this age are too scarce!)

Unfortunately the unknown "Rush" boy is not my grandfather or any of his brothers, but if you would like more of the missing information or a couple of corrections from calculated birth dates from your family tree database feel free to email me at