Sunday, November 1, 2015

Telling My Story: Celebrating the birth of the Margheim twins

Dennis and Rebecca Margheim, aged 2-1/2 months

I'm writing posts for awhile about my own life, so that some of the details are documented for my descendants. We're approaching November 5, the anniversary of my birth 68 yeas ago, as well as the birth of my twin brother. So I'm sharing a few of the details about the start of my life.
The newspaper clips shown here have misspelled my parent's surname in some places. Dennis and I were born to Ernest Ludwig and Ruby Nadine (Flanders) Margheim. The clipping says names hadn't been chosen for us, since my parents were not expecting twins. Dad told me they'd have named a girl Rebecca Louise, or a son Dennis Michael. We were born in St. Rose Hospital, which was administered by Catholic nuns. I'm sure they had an influence on the names our parents chose, being Mary Rebecca and Marion Dennis. But we've always been called Becky and Dennis, as our parents intended originally. 
I'm lucky to still have the baby bracelet that was put on my wrist. I'm assuming it's mine even thought it's blue, since it has the number 2 on it. Dennis was born at 10:07 pm and I was born at 10:27 pm. 
St. Rose Hospital, Great Bend, KS
I love it that the baby books had a section for our Family Tree. These are pages from my baby book. 

It's nice that my Dad also kept the receipts from our hospital stays! This is the only way I've known how many days each of us remained in the hospital after our births. And look at the costs!

In closing, I want to wish my twin brother Dennis "Happy Birthday". We've been blessed to go through life together, not always in person, but in our hearts and spirits. I often say God knew what he was doing when he gave us each other! I'm so happy and proud to be Dennis's twin sister!
Becky and Dennis Margheim, aged 7 months, June 1948
Ernest, Dennis, Becky and Ruby Margheim


Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

Darling pictures Becky! I always wished I had a twin when I was young and then when I had children, I hoped for twins (the first birth anyway---after that I was glad to take them one at a time.) Twins always draw attention and there seems to be a special closeness between the two.

What a treasure to have your hospital bracelet! Fun post and I hope your birthday was just as special as you are!

Joyce Lucas said...

This is so Awesome! I really enjoyed reading it and I love the pictures of the family tree! :-)

Patti Milburn said...

This is wonderful!