Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Telling My Story: Celebrating our birthday 60 years ago

Becky and Dennis Margheim with
grandparents Mollie and John Margheim
While thinking of the birthday my brother and I will celebrate tomorrow, I reminisced through photos from our birthday party in 1955 when we turned 8 years old. Here are some photos from that party with our school classmates, neighbors, and cousins. 
Left to right: Dennis Dietz, Gary Culp, Jim Krebaum,
Becky Margheim, Mike Tregellas, Diana Sova,
Cora Sova. My grandmother Mollie Margheim is
at back left, walking through the doorway from the
dining room into the kitchen.
At left are Bill Zinke and Dennis Margheim while
friends play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".
At right front is Pam Olson.
Left to right: Steve Dumler, Ned Darr,
Jim Cain, Lana Powelson
Left to right: Becky Margheim turning the page for
Dennis Dietz as he plays the piano, with Dennis Margheim
watching and Grandpa John Margheim seated in the back. 
Left to right: Dennis Dietz, Dennis Margheim, Becky Margheim,
Diana Sova with our dachsund "Punkin'". In back are Phyllis and
Mollie Margheim, Steve Dumler and Dennis Munoz.
Becky and Dennis Margheim playing a piano duet,
while our grandpa John Margheim listens.

It was typical for our parents to ask us to play the piano 
at any family gathering. It looks like our birthday 
party was no exception. And of course if they asked, we did it. 

I remember so well the white satin blouse and purple corduroy "jumper" I
 was wearing because I really liked that outfit. 

Sixty years ago! Sometimes it seems like only four or five years. Happy Birthday, Dennis. 

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Jana Last said...

Becky, Happy Birthday to you and your brother!