Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Schwartz family again connects my birth family to my step family

Ernest and my
Phyllis (Jones)
Last month I wrote a post showing how my mother Ruby Flanders and my step-mother Phyllis Jones were connected through marriage involving a Schwartz family. You can read it here. The chart below illustrates the content of that blog post. 
 As we celebrated Christmas this week I posted this photo on Facebook as a flashback to a Christmas of my childhood.
L to R: Becky Margheim, Cora Sova,
Diana Sova, Dennis Margheim
In my Facebook post, I tagged my cousins (through my step-mother's family) Cora (Sova) Gregg and Diana (Sova) Crawford. A second cousin through my mother's family, Barbara (Smith) Schwartz, made a comment on Facebook asking if that Cora Gregg was Mrs. Ron Gregg. She explained that Ron Gregg was a cousin of her husband Robert Schwartz, as Ron's mother was a sister of Robert's dad. I told her that indeed this was the same Cora Gregg. 
I've created this chart to show the connections I discovered as a result of this new information from Barbara.

I'm shown at the bottom left with my ancestry to my "step" grandparents Jim and Helen Jones. Jim and Helen had daughters Phyllis and Maxine. Cora is the daughter of Maxine and is the wife of Ron Gregg. Ron is a cousin of Robert Schwartz, husband of Barbara Smith. And Barbara is a second cousin to me, as her father Wilmer Smith was a first cousin of my mother Ruby Flanders. Barbara's grandmother Edna Becker and my grandmother Nannie Becker were sisters, both daughters of Joe and Emma (Strait) Becker. 

What a maze, but it shows that once again this Schwartz family connects me to both my step-family and my birth ancestors. You probably wouldn't find this significant if you've never been part of a step-family, especially one who had no intention of being connected to a birth family!
Ernest, Dennis, Becky and Ruby (Flanders) Margheim 1948

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