Sunday, December 20, 2015

Those Koleber daughters were outnumbered

In the photo above, my grandmother, Amalia 'Mollie' Koleber is the little girl in the center, pictured with her father George Koleber, oldest brother George Jr. and brother Daniel standing behind her. A year before this photo was taken, this family emigrated from Kratzke, Russia. Grandma Mollie's mother, at right in the photo, was Catherine Elisabeth Dietz.  "Katie" was the daughter of George Daniel Dietz and Maria Elisabeth Meier, pictured below.  
The photo below shows Daniel and Mary (Meier) Dietz with daughter Katie at left and son Ludwig at right.
As I was again adding "Titles" to the photos I've uploaded to the Family Tree at, I reviewed the obituary of Mary (Meier) Dietz, shown below.
The obituary explains that Mary Dietz gave birth to nine children, EIGHT sons and one daughter. So my great grandmother Katie was their only daughter. 

As it happens, my great grandmother also had only ONE daughter and had SEVEN sons. 
Mollie (Koleber) Margheim with left to right
Alfred, Ernest, LaVerna and Leonard
Katie's daughter Mollie (Koleber) Margheim, my grandmother, gave birth to THREE sons and ONE daughter, shown above.
John and Mollie (Koleber) Margheim with LaVerna,
Ernest and Leonard. Son Alfred had died in 1933.
I hadn't realized daughters were in such short supply in those three generations of my Grandma's Koleber ancestry! 

PS: After I posted this story on Facebook, I learned from the wife of George Koleber's grandson (Sandra Skold Koleber) that they also have had 6 sons and one daughter! George is the oldest son in the photo at the top of this blog post. 

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