Friday, April 8, 2016

Studebaker-Flanders Auto by Cousins of me and my Husband

I've been looking around the Library of Congress's site Chronicling America to find newspaper articles mentioning my ancestors from Kansas in the early 1900s. This morning I came upon this ad, which was actually a page long, from the Western Kansas World, WaKeeney, Kansas of October 9, 1909. It caught my eye because my mother's maiden name was Flanders and my husband's 3rd great grandmother was Catherine Studebaker, a cousin of the family who created the Studebaker automobile. 

A quick search on Google brought me to this interesting article on Wikipedia. This is what I learned: The Flanders Automobile Co. was the brainchild of Walter E. Flanders (1871-1923), who formerly had been the General Factory Manager at one of the Ford Motor Company's plants.In 1908 he left Ford and co-founded the EMF Auto Co in Detroit. Flanders couldn't outsell the Ford Model-T so eventually sold out to the Studebakers.
I prepared this chart that shows my cousin relationship with Walter E. Flanders.
You can see that Walter Emmett Flanders is my 7th cousin twice removed. He and my grandpa Milo Flanders were 7th cousins. Here's an informative article about Walter at Wikipedia.  
Here's a chart that shows my husband Larry Jamison's cousin relationship with the Studebaker brothers who formed the Studebaker Automobile Co.  
You can read the Wikipedia article about Clement Studebaker and his brothers here
Whoever thought I'd learn more about cousins of Larry and me by researching newspaper articles in the hometown Kansas newspaper of my paternal great-grandparents, who are not even connected to either of these families. We have to keep our eyes open!

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