Friday, April 1, 2016

The photo told me where they lived

Flanders, Pearl; Parents residence 670 West 2nd St, Hoisington, KSFlanders, Pearl; Parents residence 670 West 2nd St, Hoisington, KS back side
I was gifted with this little picture of my mother’s sister, my aunt Pearl Flanders, last year when her daughter passed away. I’ve shown the back side of the photo that is probably the photographer’s entry. It includes the name and address of my grandfather, “Mr. M (Milo) Flanders, 670 West 2 St, Hoisington, Kan.” I didn’t know they lived in Hoisington at this time. My Aunt Pearl was born 3 Dec 1916 so I’m guessing this photo was taken in warm weather, 1917. In the 1915 and 1920 censuses their residence is given as Comanche Township, Barton, Kansas, which is about 12 miles south of Hoisington. But my grandmother gave birth to Pearl’s brother Mervin in 1921 and his birthplace is listed as Hoisington, Kansas too.
Google maps shows us the house that sits at that address today. From the style of the house, I think it might be the same house that was there in 1917.

I was familiar with Hoisington, KS as a child since my paternal grandparents lived there from 1933 to 1986. My dad and my twin brother and I lived with them 1949-1952. Their house was at 114 E. 6th St. I prepared this map to show the locations of my grandparents’ homes, even though they didn’t live there at the same time.
Hoisington map grandparents homes
I noted the Hoisington High School, which was one block north of my Margheim grandparents’ home. My grandpa John Margheim was employed there as the Head Custodian for more than 30 years. I also noted the Concordia Lutheran Church at top left as that’s the church we attended.  Everything was in our neighborhood it seemed.
The house John and Mollie Margheim lived in has greatly deteriorated in the years since my Grandma died in 1986. This is how it looked when we lived there.
John, Dennis & Becky MargheimLeonard and LaVerna Margheim with cousins Melvin, Kenneth and Darrell Koleber
Pictured at left are my brother Dennis, my grandpa John Margheim and me in early 1949. In the photo at right are my Aunt LaVerna Margheim with her twin brother Leonard back row left, and their cousins Melvin, Darrell and Ken Koleber.
This is the Concordia Lutheran Church in Hoisington, KS. Concordia Lutheran Church
Below is the Hoisington High School in 1952. Pictured are my dad Ernest Margheim and step-mother Phyllis (Jones) at right, along with my dad’s sister LaVerna at far left with her boyfriend to her left. L to R: Laverna Margheim, ?, Phyllis (Jones) and Ernest Margheim, Hoisington High School, Hoisington, Barton, Kansas

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