Friday, January 6, 2017

Dad's Hymnal Reveals Our Shared Favorites

The holidays are over, we're settled into our new house, there are six inches of snow outside, and I'm off work for the next three days. And I'm tired. As I started my day I thought it would be a good one to spend reading. I bought a small blank notebook this week (can't pass up those impulse sale items as I'm checking out at Office Depot!). I opened this storage cabinet to put away the little notebook.

And I noticed this blue book covered with duct tape.
I pulled it out and found that it was a Lutheran Hymnal, published in 1941, that belonged to my grandparents. 

As I leafed through it, I found small white index cards marking several hymns. My dad had most likely inserted the cards, but they sure could have been hymns of my choice, for they're all my favorites! I know where I got my taste in Lutheran hymnody. 
 "A Mighty Fortress is our God"
My all-time favorite: # 47: "Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name We Raise". I have special memories of my twin brother playing this hymn on the pipe organ at Trinity Lutheran Church, specifically as the LAST hymn he played during his employment as the Organist, and the Sunday before he deployed to Viet Nam with the U.S. Army in 1967. I've never been more proud of my brother, nor felt more love in my heart than I did that day as our family processed out of church in Great Bend, Kansas. He played it again as the final hymn at the funeral of our mom, Phyllis Jones Margheim. I've written about that hymn before (you can read it here).
 "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross", 
a favorite selection to be sung on Good Friday. 
 "I know that My Redeemer Lives"
 "Just As I Am, without One Plea"
"Abide with Me, Fast Falls the Eventide"

Tucked in the hymnal I also found this listing that Dad wrote of his favorite songs by Bob Wills.
Music was such an important part of Dad's life, as he learned to play the guitar in high school, then performed on the radio and stage as "The Sunflower Wrangler" in the 1940's. His idol was the Texas recording star Bob Wills, who performed with The Sons of the Pioneers. You can read my previous post about Dad's singing days here

I still hope to spend some time today leisurely reading, but I had to make note of my discovery of Dad's hymnal and its hidden treasures, as I feel like he was visiting me today. Such a blessing to start off the New Year!


Janet Iles said...

I love those hymns too. Music was very important to my dad too. When he was ill in the hospital the last few months of his life, the hospital let him have a small speaker to use with his walkman so the music was shared with those who visited him. Most often they were hymns.

You will treasure having this hymn book and reading the notes contained within.

Nicole Dyer said...

Neat discovery!!!