Saturday, January 7, 2017

Terri Kallio Blesses Me with another Keepsake

It's common to get rewards from blog posts in the way of comments, compliments, or connections to cousins. But I was blessed with a unique treasure yesterday after my post about my father's hymnal that originally belonged to his parents. 

I always link my posts on my Facebook page so my friends will know when I've written a new post, and can easily read it by clicking a handy link. Yesterday my post drew a few comments from friends. Here's the notification of the blog post and resulting comments: 

I was moved to humbling but joyful tears last night as I found this beautiful composite on Facebook that had been produced by my dear friend Terri Kallio, as a result of that conversation. She has an amazingly talent and expertise at creating photographic original compositions. 

Terri took the memory of a small child with a grandfather as expressed by Debbie Blanton McCoy in the comment above, and the guitar, as referenced in my post about my own father, and added the piano, hymn music and the visual "Old Rugged Cross" and created this Masterpiece. Terri, you're a Treasure and a Blessing. Thank you for this keepsake!

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