Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Connected Cousins to Orphan Photos

I'm so very blessed to have a second cousin who shares many of my interests, among which are family history, webinars, and cool apps like Trello! Kate Keller is guardian over many "orphaned" photos and created a Trello board where she posts those pictures for possible identification by others. 

On a Trello list for the Heart of Ohio Antique Center in Springfield, OH, Kate listed this photo for Herman Maupin Doddridge. His full name was written on the back of the photo, as seen at the left edge on the second photo below. 

This is the studio where the photo was taken:

The name Maupin caught my attention, as my step-grandmother was Laura C. Maupin. I referred to my RootsMagic database to see if I could make a connection between Laura and Herman. After finding the ancestry of Herman on the Family Tree at Family Search, I was able to prepare this chart showing how they are connected as cousins:
Since I'm in touch with a granddaughter of Laura, I can also show her how she's connected to this Herman Maupin Doddridge.

Also available at that Antique store, and purchased by Kate, was this photo of Mary C. Stevens Doddridge.
Information on the Family Tree at tells me that Mary is the mother of Isaac Emory Doddridge and therefore is the grandmother of little Herman M. Doddridge. That information is also listed on her Find-A-Grave memorial that can be found at this link

I'm also in touch with another cousin of Herman M. Doddridge, through my adopted son's family line! You can see in the chart below that Herman is a 4th cousin 3 times removed of Gwenda Kay Duff. And Gwenda is a 5th cousin of my son. 

I find it remarkable that one of my cousins (Kate) from my mother's family line owns an "orphaned photo" of a child who is a cousin of one of my "step-cousins (Cheryl)" (obviously through my step-mother's family line) and a cousin of one of my son's cousins (Gwenda)! 

In my notes of last Fall's research, I see that Herman is also a cousin of my sister-in-law (Linda), but I can't find the notes that show that relationship. I'll keep looking.

I love these kinds of discoveries. I love knowing of these connections. And I love finding family members of orphaned photos!

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