Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dad's Bible holds Marriage, Military and Birth Information

Prior to our move to a different house Nov 1, 2016, my twin brother Dennis helped arrange the sale of my piano to his friends in El Paso, TX. As they made plans to travel to Colorado to buy my piano, Dennis told me he was sending with them, for delivery to me, Dad's Bible that he'd been given in recent years. I was thrilled, as I had no knowledge of this Bible's existence. 

Pictured at left is that "New Standard Reference Bible". It's huge, heavy, and just like new. As I leafed through it I found three bookmarks and noticed that my mother had completed the information on her marriage to my dad, as seen below. 
Also completed on the information pages is a complete record of my dad's service in the US Army. 

What a treasure! My dad, Ernest Ludwig Margheim, was a list-maker and record-keeper and treasured his family history. So I have this information on other paperwork. But it's wonderful to have this succinct record here in this Bible. 

As I flipped through the Bible, I found just this one newspaper clipping. It was published in the Great Bend Tribune at the time of the birth of me and my twin brother.
When I sold my piano, I certainly had no idea I'd be gifted in return with this family heirloom. I'm grateful to my brother for entrusting me with this keepsake Bible. 

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