Thursday, January 26, 2017

I was interested before I knew he was my cousin

Pictured here is the Alan and Michelle Blood family. A couple of years ago I became friends with Alan on Facebook  because he was an employee of FamilySearch. Alan passed away last year of Breast Cancer. But in his last months, he took us along on his journey of treatment, life, and work experiences, to the point that those of us who followed him felt personally involved in his life and he became my virtual friend. 

I now follow his wife Michelle's Facebook posts as she movingly shares her journey now as a widow. Her words are touching, insightful, and I look forward to reading her posts weekly. 

Much to my surprise, my recent research revealed that Alan Blood is my 6th cousin, once removed. I've created this chart that illustrates that (I'm the "Mary Margheim" at bottom right). 
I had no idea of this connection all the months I followed Alan along on his journey of dealing with cancer. But now that I know we're related as cousins, I'm grateful that I was able to learn more of his life and family while I had that chance. It's a small thing, but meaningful to me. Thank you, Alan.   

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