Monday, February 20, 2017

Cousins connect my maternal grandfather's line to my maternal grandmother's line

I'm so blessed to have a second cousin, Kate (Smith) Keller who's an avid genealogist. She asked me recently if I had a Vivian Aileen Smith in my genealogy database who was married to a Flanders. Kate's grandmother Edna May Becker and my grandmother Nannie Becker were sisters, so Kate knew that my grandmother Nannie Becker was married to Milo Flanders. I did have Aileen Smith in my database, but had no spouse listed. 

Kate told me that Vivian Smith's husband was Joseph L. Flanders. With a little research I found that Joseph L. Flanders was indeed my distant cousin. So Kate and I realized her cousin was married to my cousin and that union connected my mom's father's (Flanders) line to my mom's mother's (Becker) family.

I drew up the above chart to show those connections. It always helps me understand the connections when I can see them laid out like this. 

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