Friday, February 17, 2017

Memorable Quotes from RootsTech 2017

Some of my favorite quotes from the RootsTech 2017 Conference:

"Ornament our Family Tree with the culture of our family." Steve Rockwood

"No one wants to be alone in heaven. No one wants to be alone doing our family history." Elder Bradley Foster

"When we're starting a new search, do a search of the geographic areas. Look for COLLECTIONS, not names and dates" D. Joshua Taylor

"We don't know what we don't know until we know it." D. Joshua Taylor

"We don't OWN our ancestors." D. Joshua Taylor

"Be nice or leave." Thomas MacEntee

"Oftentimes people die. Check on the newly dead and update our files." Ron Tanner

"The root is the place where the tree starts." Ron Tanner 

"When we die we become stories in other peoples' minds." Emily Doolin Aulicino

"We die when the LAST PERSON says our name". Emily Doolin Aulicino

"Why set a goal when you can make a promise?" Jason Hewlitt

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