Friday, March 24, 2017

Yes, I learned that actor James Ripley Osgood Perkins was named after my other cousin

Thanks to my second cousin Kate Keller, I have the answer to my question in my preceding post. I learned that a distant cousin was named James Ripley Osgood Perkins and I wondered how he might have been connected to another of my distant cousins, James Ripley Osgood. Kate alerted me to the article below: 
We can see in the highlighted area that James Ripley Osgood Perkins was named after James Ripley Osgood, a friend of his father's! I suspected that was the case and am happy to have learned the fact so quickly.

Here again are the charts that show how I'm related to each of these men. 
In the case of James Ripley Osgood Perkins, I'm a cousin connected to Deborah Lovejoy, wife of John Phelps. As we see in the chart for James Ripley Osgood, I'm connected this time through the same John Phelps, husband of Deborah Lovejoy! I love discovering these kinds of connections. Who would have ever thought one cousin was named after another cousin from separate families back in Boston in the late 1800s. Thank you, Kate, for alerting me to this news source! I never dreamed I'd get my questions answered so quickly.

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