Friday, August 25, 2017

Getting to Know my Cousin Millie Flanders Better

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about getting acquainted with one of my cousins through a genealogy friend on Facebook. I had the same good fortune this week!

Ann L. Wells is a professional genealogist who resides in Crystal Lake, McHenry, Illinois. When I became her Facebook friend I noticed her residence as the hometown of my maternal grandfather, Milo Flanders, his parents Lewis and Sarah Jane (McMillan) Flanders, and his grandparents Jesse G. and Elizabeth Ann (Phelps) Flanders. I sent a private message to Ann simply to comment on our connection to Crystal Lake, Illinois. Her reply is part of the blog post I wrote HERE

Ann brightened my day when she recently sent me a message, asking for my address so she could send something to me. Within 3 days I had received her package in the mail. That kind of wonderful blessing doesn’t happen often enough, it seems!

Millie Flanders article from Ann Wells

Ann thought of me when her local city recently featured a short biography of Millie Flanders in their monthly newsletter.  I learned much more about my great, great grandparents (Millie’s grandparents) as I read this featured article. I was most interested to read that Millie had red hair. My mother Ruby Flanders also had red hair from that Flanders family line.

I’m very grateful to Ann Wells for remembering me when she saw this feature about my first cousin, two generations back. Millie is pictured at left in the photo below, with her mother Lorena (Colby) and her sister Villa Flanders.

 Flanders, Lorena 'Rena' (Mrs. Truman), daughters Villa and Mildred.

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