Saturday, August 26, 2017

Trying to Identify Unknown Portraits

In my next post I tell of receiving several unidentified portraits taken around 1900 by photographers in the town in which I currently live. I visited Nancy Masimer recently, who is the Curator of Collections and Exhibits, Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center, 612 Royal Gorge Boulevard, P.O. Box 1460, Cañon City, Colorado  81215-1460. Nancy gave me access to their listing of photographers who were active in this area at that time.
Here are the portraits I received, with related information on the photographers:
Fricke & Co
Above and below photographer is Fricke and Co., who operated in Canon City, 1882-1901.
The photographer for the two photos below was Royal Hubbell, who was in this area 1896-1901.
Charles E. Emery, who operated in this area 1880-1885 and in Colorado Springs, CO 1893-1901 was the photographer of this portrait below.
It would be wonderful to reunite these portraits with members of each person’s family! Thank you, Fran Jensen, for sharing these treasures and giving me the opportunity to research and enjoy them.


Linda Stufflebean said...

When I come across photos of unknown people, I also try to find families for them. I wish you success. Unfortunately, many times when I've picked up a trail, I find they have no living descendants today, which is why the pictures ended up in an antique store. I hope your quest turns out differently.

Debbie Calhoun Boyd said...

Have an entire album of unlabeled photos, probably about the vintage of yours. Good idea to check with the local historical society, etc. for info on photographers in the area. Can also try city directories, if they exist for an area. Books by Maureen Taylor, photo sleuth, can provide clues. We can all take a lesson from these blank photos-- label your own!