Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our "Matts" are getting married

It seems that events cycle in our life, but cluster together. With 7 kids and 16 grandkids, there are plenty of events going on in our family. This week (Sept 25th) we celebrated with two granddaughters who turned 5. Madalyn and Lilian were born 30 minutes apart, one in Pueblo and the other in Colorado Springs. Mattie's mom and Lily's dad are sister and brother. Talk about a clustering of births! Two new babies over a lunch hour.

No grandbabies are coming that we know of, but weddings are being planned again. What an exciting time. My son Matt will be getting married October 14th to Lucja Thomas in Jamaica! They reside in Pueblo West, CO. Today Matt emailed us their itinerary and Wedding Ceremony. We will only be there with them in love and thought and spirit, but we are excited nonetheless.

We just visited today with Jamie's son Matt who also announced a definite date for his wedding to Lisa Lamfers. They live in Colorado Springs and are making plans to get married in one year ...Sept. 26, 2009.

So more new beginnings! More weddings. And someday more Jamison grandkids!

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