Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uncle Alfred's Treasured Papers

My Uncle Alfred G. Margheim had this Geography text book when he was in the fourth grade at Old Bosna School in Trego County, Kansas in 1932-3.
This is one of his geography assignments that was still stuck in the back of his book.  It's dated Feb. 22, 1933
Homework dated February 21, 1933
Assignment naming the capitals of some of the states. No date.

This sweet little Valentine was made for Alfred's dad, John L. Margheim. My father told me that Alfred  was his dad's little helper with outdoor work on the farm. 
These papers have no significance to anyone but me and my dad. To us they are treasures. I've written in previous posts about my Uncle Alfred. You'll notice that I included dates on these papers where it was written. Little Alfred had an enlarged heart, and in the Spring of 1933 was suddenly afflicted with Sydenham's Chorea (historically known as "St. Vitus Dance") and was hospitalized. My grandmother said the staff in the hospital left a window open near his bed and he contracted pneumonia, which caused his death on March 22, 1933---just one month after he'd written these geography assignments and one month after he'd given his father this precious handmade Valentine. He was 9 years old. 


Jana Last said...

Oh! So heartbreaking that little Alfred passed away! The sweet valentine he made must have truly been treasured by his father.

Kristin said...

That is so sad! You are lucky to have some of his papers and that valentine is lovely.

Wendy said...

These papers are precious mementos.

Kathy Morales said...

How wonderful that you have these treasures. Such a sad loss of a little boy.

DianaR said...

How wonderful that you have these treasures - and that you know the stories to go with them! It's always sad when such precious things are thrown away because no one knows anything about them.